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Introducing the G.I.V.E. Partnership

“After much prayer, research, and reflection, God has led me to introduce to NBCA a more sustainable way of giving that will secure the financial position of the convention and expand our impact in the world” –
President Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr.

During the business session of the 2020 Mid-Winter Board and Mini Congress, President Tolbert presented an exciting and well received comprehensive giving structure that will replace the current Covenant Action Plan (CAP) and offer benefits to active members.

The Global Impact Vision Expansion (GIVE) Partnership is a new program designed to give churches, state conventions, associations, members and friends an opportunity to give monthly to NBCA, so we can expand our global impact in evangelism, missions and education; as well as support the operational costs needed to operate the convention which includes, but are not limited to, payroll for the executive staff and operational costs.  Unlike any giving program NBCA has had before, active members will not have to pay registration fees for NBCA meetings, Auxiliaries, Boards, or Commissions conferences or events during the year!  That’s right, by remaining current with your commitment, churches, state conventions, associations, members and friends will be automatically registered for these events.

There are multiple benefits of being a part of this program.  First, you are helping to expand NBCA’s reach in evangelism, missions and education, as well as support the operational expenses of the convention.  Beyond that, members who are current with their commitment will experience the following benefits.

Churches, State Conventions and Associations Member Benefits 
1. No parent body registration fee for Mid-Winter Board, Congress and Annual Session.
2. No Young Adult Convention or Youth & Children’s Convention registration
3. No church or state registration fee for any conferences that auxiliaries, boards or commissions host during the year.

Individual Member Benefits
1. No registration fee for Mid-Winter Board, Congress and Annual Session
2. No individual registration fee for auxiliaries, boards or commissions meetings or conferences held during the year.
3. No annual dues Board of Directors dues for officers.

The Global Impact Vision Expansion (GIVE) Partnership will officially launch on July 1, 2020; however, we are launching the commitment campaign immediately, in which we are asking everyone to sign a commitment card.  You can complete a commitment card online or at any of the NBCA 3 meetings during 2020 and you will be contacted when the program launches so that you can begin giving. Once the program starts, you can make your monthly commitment payments securely thru an online platform or mail a check to the Office of the Treasurer.

750 Churches at $125.00 per month
75 Associations at $150.00 per month
35 State Conventions at $150.00 per month
3500 Individuals at $50.00 per month

We ask that you join the hundreds of members who committed today to completing your online pledge as an individual, church, association or state convention.  To pledge, please click on the appropriate link below.

Church Commitment:
Online Church Commitment Form

Individual Commitment:
Online Individual Commitment Form

Association Commitment
Online Association Form

State Convention Commitment:
Online State Commitment Form

To download a copy of the G.I.V.E. Partnership plan, please click on the link below.
G.I.V.E. Partnership Plan