National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

Simmons College of Kentucky

Overview: Simmons College of Kentucky, is a private, co-educational college located in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1879, Simmons College is a historically black college.

The Simmons College legacy of providing high quality educational opportunities to traditionally underserved communities dates back to 1879 when it began serving African Americans, some of which were former slaves. To create opportunities for individuals who today come from challenged backgrounds, Simmons utilizes an Open Enrollment process which makes college accessible based on a combination of factors including ACT scores, personal references, autobiographical essays and educational experience.

Benefits to NBCA Members: This partnership allows NBCA members an opportunity to enroll in degree programs and other educational opportunities and programs. NBCA domiciles its Headquarters on Simmons College Campus. Located at Simmons is a wealth of NBCA and sibling Historically Black Baptist Convention history. Simmons also will make available to us general assembly meeting space, classroom space, and the intellectual gifts of professors on Campus for the training of church leaders and workers. They will partner to provide management, maintenance, catering, and other services at the NBCA fifty-six (56) Acre Retreat/Leadership Complex located 15 – 18 miles outside of Louisville Kentucky in Jefferson County, 8800 Mitchell Lane, Louisville, KY.

Our long-term goal is to construct a premier conference center (E. Edward Jones) Conference Complex on the Campus of Simmons College. This facility will be owned by NBCA & her member churches. This could provide an opportunity for an annual NBCA Spring Board Meeting to be held at Simmons College. This would also give opportunity for an annual church leadership conference to be held in NBCA’ s own facility. This way we pool our resources and spend dollars with our HBCU and NBCA. This partnership bends us back to a major focus of support of HBCU’s, do miles our Headquarters at Simmons, develops the fifty-six (56) Acre NBCA Retreat/Leadership Complex, and eventually constructs the E. Edward Jones Conference Complex. This concept will serve our congregations.