National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

Christian Churches Together

Overview: Christian Churches Together provides a context – marked by prayer, worship and fellowship—in which churches can develop relationships with other churches with whom they presently have little contact. This is one response to our Lord’s Prayer that all who believe in Him might be one with God and with one another so that the world would believe in Him as God and Savior.

CCT offers the possibility of face-to-face relationships with participants across denominational/Christian community lines or racial/ethnic divisions. As participants grow closer together in Christ, differences are better understood, and commonalities affirmed. In praying and studying the scripture together, spiritual resources are deepened, and prophetic voices strengthened. There are new possibilities for shared witness, new coalitions formed among churches on various issues. CCT, out of its commitment to grow closer together in Christ, offers a significant and credible voice in speaking to contemporary culture on issues of life, social justice and peace.

Benefits to NBCA Members: NBCA’s membership with CCT allows our churches to join together across denominational lines to represent Christ in a unidentifiable manner. It provides NBCA to participate in Christian Unity on a national level which seeks to gather local congregations around. Race relation, the celebration of denominational diversity. The information NBCA receives is crucial in supporting local congregation’s efforts in bring diverse communities together to promote the Love of Jesus Christ.