National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

Blessed Communion

Overview:The blessed Communion Cup takes the stress out of preparing for Communion by offering more ease and flexibility. Their unique product eliminates the lengthy set-up time required for Communion preparation and decreases the number of volunteers needed. Spills are eliminated, and there is minimal post-Communion clean up. The blessed Communion Cup also provides effective cost control for your church. Best of all, everyone can relax and focus on the spirit of Communion.

The blessed Communion Cup is an individually sealed, completely hygienic, prefilled Communion Cup with juice and a single wafer. Suitable for all ages and easy to open,The blessed Communion Cup is ideal for large congregations, increased attendance at holiday celebrations, faith-based schools, and for nonconventional settings – such as missions, hospitals, homebound Christians, travel, destination celebrations and military.           

Benefits to NBCA Members: NBCA Churches receives free shipping!  In addition, every time your church purchases communion, Blessed Communion will give $5.00 to support NBCA’s HBCU initiatives.  Please use discount code NBCA2017 when ordering.