National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President
Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

Keep Your Sharp

Adaptability and Work Ethic

The only thing constant in business is change. Those who are prepared for the unexpected challenges will stay two steps ahead of the competition. Learn the keys you need to succeed with this series.

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Business Building Development

Whether you own a home-based business or a booming enterprise, this course will help you in numerous ways. Additionally, it will boost the confidence and competencies of your team members. Excel-like never before with this series.  

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Cultivating Creativity

Have you ever had a great idea that you never carried out? This course is for you and countless others who want to know how to turn their wildest dreams into productive actions.

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Effective Decision Making

Making great decisions requires a formula, processes and an iron clad plan. Learn the keys to all three with this course. The size of the decision doesn’t matter. However, the practice of making great decisions can shape your future forever.  

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Entrepreneurship Development

Owning a business can be both a pleasure and a pain. This course is designed to increase one (pleasure) and decrease the other (pain). As you master the concepts outlined in this course, you will achieve a bold new perspective on entrepreneurial success.

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