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Jumping to Conclusions

We are all encouraged not to jump to conclusions. However, it’s a practice we can’t avoid. If we’re watching our favorite movie, we know the good guys will win and

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Forward Thinking

Just like automobiles, our minds can shift in many directions. They can be stuck in park or neutral. They can move backwards or forward. Those who excel in life and

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Be Specific

Think of how specificity dominates our lives. For example, we are specific when ordering food from restaurants, shopping for clothes and buying cars. We know our sizes and are particular

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Choosing Our Friends

As children, our parents were determined to teach us the importance of choosing the right friends. They would say, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” In most cases, the trouble

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The Hunger Games

How hungry are you? This leadership and team building lesson is not about burgers and fries. On the contrary, it teaches us how to grow and maintain a hunger for

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Sting Like a Bee

As one of the most efficient insects on the planet, the bee is respected and revered by almost everyone. They are precise, tireless and we can learn a lot from

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Bold Is Beautiful

We must admit, we all like things that are bold. When eating out, we prefer foods with bold flavors. Most like bold colors (reds, blacks, blues, etc.) and many enjoy

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