National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

june, 2022

28junAll Day30Virtual/ Physical EventDr. E. Edward Jones Hybrid CongressJune 28-30, 2022Event Category:Congress

Event Details

Dr. Joel D. Taylor, Director
Dr. A.W. Mays, Dean

This is a hybrid meeting, so events will be held in person and online. All Congress classes are online only. Also, for the continued safety of our members attending in person, there will be no prearranged transportation available.

Click on the link below to download the week at a glance for Congress, Young Adult Convention and Youth + Children’s Convention.
Week at a Glance

Congress In Person Location
Mt. Pleasant MB Church
4077 Prince Hall Blvd, Orlando, FL 32811
Rev. J. Roy Morrison, Pastor

Youth + Young Adult Convention In Person Location
Zion Hill MB Church
1110 Drew Avenue, Orlando, FL 32805
Rev. Charles Williams, Pastor

All classes are online only and free to attend by clicking on the class link and signing up.
Morning classes are from 10:15 am – 12:15 pm CDT each day. Please join according to your timezone.

PREACHING IN HD (“High Definition”) (For Pastors)
Sharing methods and strategies of facing the challenge of preaching with Biblical Truth, Relevance and Clarity.
Teacher: Dr. Michael Oyedokun, II (TX)
Book: Teacher Supplied Material
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Opportunities to develop and learn methods of utilizing social media for reaching a wider audience, enhancing the worship experience, strengthening the teaching ministries, and growing believers. potential for growing
Teacher: Rev. F. D. Sampson, Jr. (TX)
Books: Teacher Supplied Material
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This class will espouse the Associate Minister’s responsibility to his Pastor, Church, and Family as he waits for His turn to lead the Ministry. The class will emphasize the importance of the associate’s Head, Hand, and Heart.
Teachers: Rev. Frank Davis (LA) and Rev. Larry Cross (LA)
Books: Teacher Supplied Material
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This class will seek to highlight true spirituality in a culture of counterfeits through studying Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.
Teacher: Dr. Kevin Donalson (VA)
Book: Authentic Church: True Spirituality in a Culture of Counterfeits, Vaughn Roberts
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This workshop will address a wide range of issues as it relates to the underfunded homeowner and worship center in their attempts to recover from natural disasters. With the increase in natural disasters this community continues to grow each season. We will discuss the difference between disaster response and disaster recovery. Discover what happens to this broad community once the first responders’ mission is complete and they must resort, in many cases, to moving into unsafe and unhealthy homes or abandon them. In the end, focus on the extreme need for the church to respond to the needs in the work of disaster recovery and present a strategy in the formation of a partnership between TCH and NBCA.
Teacher: The Carpenters Hope Team
Book: Teacher Supplied Material
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All classes are online only and free to attend by clicking on the class link and signing up.
Afternoon classes are from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm CDT each day. Please join according to your timezone.

DIGITAL DISCIPLES (For Youth (Ages 12-17)
This powerful course is designed to offer opportunities to educate the next generation of youth about the Children’s Internet Protection Act, and effectively equip them with knowledge for internet safety, appropriate online behavior, proper ways to interact with other individuals on social networking websites in chat rooms, along with cyberbullying awareness and misuse of technology resources and the internet.  This session is also designed to help our youth understand their Christian responsibility to remember to, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” I Corinthians 14:40
Teacher: Sis. Angela Jolivette (LA)
Book: Teacher Supplied Material
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Pandemic evangelism is using virtual methods of communication to accomplish the mandated mission of the gospel. During this session we will discuss using intentional methods and creative ways to win the unchurched and unsaved to Christ. 
Teacher: Rev. Mitchell Adger (SC)
Books: Teacher Supplied Material
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THE CHURCH AND SOCIAL ACTION (Adults and Young Adults)
What if you could inspire others to do the work of Christ in the world promoting justice and helping those who are suffering? This class will share insight to strengthen proclaimers of gospel to prophetically preach and people to teach to paralyzed churches bringing them back to life. This class will give theological foundations for helping the least the lost and the left out. This course will give you a paradigm for dealing with social issues by making the phrase we come to church to worship, and we depart to serve. 
Teacher: Rev. Jasper Taylor (IL)
Books: Prophetic Preaching and Teaching to the Paralyzed Church, Dr. Joel D. Taylor
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The Marriage Ministry Class is purposed to offer biblical principles for a healthy and successful marriage relationship. The class will address those whose marriages are fairly new, and also biblical principles upon the state of singleness.
Teacher: Dr. B. W. McClendon, (TX)
Book: Marriage Is Not For Children, Author: Dr. B.W. McClendon
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TRANSFORMERS (Children Ages 6-11)
This highly energized class is transformational. It is designed to “transform” the lives of young children. The students will discover positive and negative behavior when utilizing social media in an animated format. In the context of this class there are strong, spiritual and inspirational, concepts which will be taught.
Teacher: Sis. Barbara Hawkins
Book: Teacher Supplied Material
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UNLEASHED (Adults and Young Adults)
This class is about exploring the truth that God not only saved us from something, but for something even greater. Persons in this Class will be exposed to how young adult Christians unleash the transformative power of God in their lives as they learn to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Being conformed to the image of Christ is a lifelong journey for every Christian in a complex world.
Teacher: Rev. Kraig Pullam 
Book:Unleashed, Eric Mason
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june 28 (Tuesday) - 30 (Thursday)